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What is a lace front wig or full lace wig?
A hairpiece or full wig which is made with a mesh like lace insert in the front or
all around (for pony tails) or full system into which individual hairs are hand-
tied. This is designed to create a realistic looking hairline. The lace is
trimmed to match the skin after purchase so that only a part that looks
comfortable and more realistic to the client is left. When properly worn with
special adhesive, the hairline can be so realistic looking as to be virtually
undetectable that it is not the wearer’s own growing hair. It resembles a lot of
the wigs that we see on models on the runways as well as famous actresses.

Can I wear this wig in a pony tail?
Yes, simply request lace all around the unit.

Does this wig feel heavy?
No, it feels very light and weighs almost nothing unless its very dense.

Can I go for a swim or go to the gym and sweat with this wig on?
Yes, you can do your usual activities with this wig on. Only avoid swimming or
getting it wet with sweat for 24 hours after applying adhesives and tapes.

I am African American and need hair that is more realistic looking and
natural. Can I purchase these wigs?
Yes, the natural look for African American hair is called Yaki hair which
resembles hair that has been permed.

Can I straighten or curl this hair with curling irons etc?
Yes this hair is 100% virgin human hair which reacts same way as your own

I have experienced hair loss due to illness, is this wig right for me?

If I buy a wig, stock or custom, can I return it if I don’t like it?
No. All sales are final for hygienic reasons.

When can I expect my wig to be delivered to me?
5-7 business days

How do lace front wigs differ from "regular" wigs?
The main advantage of the full lace wig over other styles is that one can wear
their hair in up dos, ponytails, and other styles that expose one's nape area.
Traditional wigs usually preclude these styling options. Lace wigs are also
more lightweight and comfortable than traditional wigs due to the minimization
of tension on the scalp.

What kind of hair is used?
Our wigs are made of 100% Remy hair. We carry Remy and Virgin Remy hair
where the hair cuticles are aligned in the same direction. This is important
because if the cuticles are misaligned, you end up with unruly hair that is
prone to excessive matting and tangling. Unlike most of the hair available in
your local markets that are unusable after the first wash, our quality hair
extensions are soft and natural and will save you lots of money in the long

Can I apply and maintain the wig myself? Do I need to have any
special styling skills to apply?
Though there is somewhat of a learning curve for perfecting your application,
you do not need to have the skills of a licensed cosmetologist to benefit from
these extensions. Of course, it is advisable to seek out the services of a
stylist who specializes in lace wig applications also.

Can I wear lace wigs if I have a full head of hair?
Absolutely! One can braid/cornrow, twist, wrap, or flatten hair to prepare for
application. The main objective is to get one's hair as flat as possible for the
most natural look.

Is it really undetectable?
Once applied correctly our wigs are, indeed, very undetectable. Your
admirers may not even believe you if you told them that you were wearing a

Can I wear different textures and colors than my own?
Absolutely! Once you apply beyond your natural hairline, you can go from a
long & straight to short & curly. The choice is up to you.

How is the length measured and how do I know what length to buy?
The length of our wigs is measured from the crown to the hair's tip (from front
to back). The length of layered hairstyles will be described based on the
length of the hair before styling. Use measuring tape to measure from the
crown of your head to where you want the hair to fall. If the hair of the wig is
longer than what you desire, you can have it expertly cut by your stylist.

Can I wear the wig behind my hairline?
Yes, many of our clients do- especially ones with smaller foreheads who
cannot afford the room to apply the wig in front of their natural hairline.

How long will my wig last?
The life of your wig will depend on your use and care of it. If handled
properly, it should last you 6 months to a year and even longer depending on
your handling & use.

How long can I wear my wig at a time?
Your extended wear will depend on what adhesives you use, your body
chemistry and how your skin responds to the adhesives, and how frequently
you wish to re-apply. We stress that it is important for you to be mindful of
your hair and scalp condition underneath during extended wear. Most clients
achieve a 4 week hold with the right adhesive, washing and nurturing their
own hair in between applications. If you are bald or have significant hair loss,
you are likely to achieve a much longer hold.

Can I swim in it or play sports?
Yes, you can exercise in your wig if you apply with an adhesive that works
with your body chemistry and can withstand this type of activity.

Can the hair be flat ironed or curled?
The hair is 100% human hair that can withstand household styling tools such
as curling irons and flat irons. You can wash, set, and style the wig as you
would your own hair. But like your natural hair, the hair can get damaged with
the misuse and overuse of products.

Can I dye the hair?
The technical answer is yes, but we do not recommend any further
processing of the hair if it has already been dyed and processed. Further,
only experienced colorists should attempt to color the hair. Remember that
though the hair is 100% human hair, it is just as prone to damage from
excessive processing as your own hair. We cannot and will not be
responsible for the results.

Can I wear my lace front wig in a high ponytail?
Yes, you can wear your wig in a high ponytail once you apply around your full
perimeter with adhesives. You will need a cap construction that is made with
lace around the perimeter.

Can I part my lace wig and where can lace wigs be parted?
Lace wigs can be parted anywhere on the cap. If you are covering your hair,
the trick is to have your parts look natural by either wearing a stocking or wig
cap that is close to your skin's color. Some clients can even get a natural
looking part without wearing a wig ca